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For several years while I lived in the woods of New Hampshire, I worked as an illustrator doing reflections on feature articles in the Concord Monitor. This attention to an interpretation of what had been written stays with me.
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At the same time, I was interested in the art of stenciling. As a way to create pattern in early NE homes, I loved the early itinerant painters. I found the graphic design on a large scale, a room, fascinating. I thought it was a way to reduce nature to elementary form. The hard edges created a calligraphy that repeated and suggested more than the forms. The ability to move the stencil, repeat a motif, change the color or position reminded me of the life cycle through the repetition of form with a difference in placement, color and importance.

In the interest of pushing my thoughts, I completed a 24’x4’ stenciled mural “Seasons in a Marsh” for the Weare, NH Conservation Commission. It is in the town offices. A copy is reproduced here. The mural was written about in Yankee Magazine August ’94.
For that work, I designed stencils based on line drawings from nature and photographs. I continued this work by painting rooms with birds, flowers, plants and color gradations on the walls to create atmosphere. Nature and the environment have been powerful influences on my work.

I have always loved to draw finding in the drawing a simple understanding of something more complex than I had the words to express. I have found in palette knife painting an analogy to drawing but with color. These are my most current works.
I started studying art seriously in high school both in class there and when I painted in a class with Freidel Dzubas. My studies have been in single classes taken in Paris, Boston, Manchester, NH and Provincetown, MA this past summer at the Provincetown Art Museum with Rob Longley, a well-known painter in the Cape Cod school. My work has been a result of key classes and lots of independent work and thought.